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Special Flights

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Lexical domain

Parachute jumping / dropping activity

position, information on other traffic and activity, duration of drop, drop zone

Special flights

ILS calibration, special test flight procedures, banners, balloons, etc., ultralights, gliders, helicopters, aerial photography, highway watch, firefighting aircraft, supervision of power lines, military training procedures, types of military aircraft

VIP flights

official ceremonies, protocol (greetings, etc.), ferry flight, military escort, diplomatic clearance, country names and nationalities, apron/ramp, terminal, boarding and disembarking of passengers, VIP vehicles, effects on traffic

VFR flights lost/in difficulty

aerodrome environment, direction finder, manoeuvres for identification, endurance problems, installations at alternate/diversion field, forced/crash landing, ground services

Aids for VFR flights

instrument panel, on-board equipment, pilot rating, flight plan, local place name, visual landmarks, positions, directions, endurance, aircraft breakdown, weather problems

Problems linked to fight plan

delays, slots, flight plan updating, computer breakdown, no flight plan, flight plan conformity, flight plan processing, search and rescue, type of flight plan


Aerial Photography

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Ferry Flights

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ILS Calibration

In Flight refueling

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VIP Flights


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Air ambulance

Air ambulance pilots must have a great deal of experience in piloting their aircraft because the conditions of air ambulance flights are often more challenging than regular non-emergency flight services.

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On the road

Other pilots

Executive and Business





Aerobatics display




Hang glider

Dropping skydivers



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For those who enjoy aerial photography, sit back...

and watch HOME 

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