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ZZZ Transcripts, Reports, Pictures

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Aviation at the movies


A dark reflection

A Dark Reflection Official Theatrical Trailer from Fact Not Fiction Films on Vimeo.

Air America



Aviation: the invisible highway

Battle of Britain

Charlie Victor Romeo

Crash landing

Dam Busters

Dark blue world

Dr Strangelove

Empire of the sun

Fate is the hunter


Flight plan


Flying the Feathered Edge

Hell's Angels

Left behind

Les chevaliers du ciel

Living in the age of the airplane

Living in the Age of Airplanes — Trailer #1 from Living in the Age of Airplanes on Vimeo.

Memphis Belle

Mercy mission: the rescue of flight 771


One Six Right

Pearl Harbor



Planes; Fire and rescue

Red tails

Snakes on a plane



The Aviator

The first of the few; Spitfire

The flight of the Phenix


The Millionaires' unit

The Red Baron

The right stuff

The Spirit of St Louis

The wind rises

Thirty seconds over Tokyo

Those magnificent men in their flying machines

Top Gun

Tora Tora Tora


Twelve o'clock high

Whisky Romeo Zulu

Whisky Romeo Zulu from E-Fly Academy on Vimeo.



Wings of madness

Air France 447 - Final words

"Damn-it! We're going to crash. It can't be true!" says one co-pilot.

"But, what's happening?" another replies, seconds before their Airbus 330 plunged into the Atlantic, killing all on board, including five Britons and three young Irish doctors.

The exchange is from the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) of Flight 447, which went down in a tropical storm while flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in June 2009.

Until now only selected exerts from the conversation between 37-year-old David Robert, Pierre-Cedric Bonin, 32, and Marc Dubois, the 58-year-old captain of the plane, have been released.

Air accident investigators did not release the rest, saying they did not want to upset families of the pilots lost in the worst crash in the company's history.

Read more here  and here and here.


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Pictures on Aviation Safety Network

This section of the site contains photos of aircraft taken before the crash; photos taken after the actual accident and miscellaneous photos (ARFF, emergency exits, safety placards).

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Cockpit Voice Recorder Database


This site contains various Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR or Black Box) transcripts of aviation accidents and incidents. Covering a wide range from large commercial aircraft to commuter, corporate, and even private aircraft.

It is the biggest database of CVR transcripts found on the internet.

Currently hosting more than 145 transcripts.


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NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board)

There you will find reports, summaries, animations related to aviation accidents over the last 10 years, such as this one[1]:



Loss of Control on Approach

Colgan Air, Inc.,

Operating as Continental Connection Flight 3407

Bombardier DHC-8-400, N200WQ

Clarence Center, New York

February 12, 2009


Board Meeting

This animation is available in

..Flash..   or ..Windows Media Player..


This three-dimensional (3-D) animated reconstruction shows the last 2 minutes of the February 12, 2009, accident involving a Bombardier DHC-8-400, N200WQ, operated by Colgan Air, Inc., which crashed about 5 nautical miles northeast of Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, Buffalo, New York, while on an instrument landing system approach to runway 23. During the approach, a pitchup motion occurred, followed by a left roll and then a right roll. During these maneuvers, both the stick shaker and stick pusher were activated, and the speed decreased. After further pitch and roll excursions, the airplane entered a steep descent from which it did not recover.

The animation shows excerpts from the flight data recorder (FDR), the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) transcript, recorded radar data, and aircraft performance data. It does not depict the weather or visibility conditions at the time of the accident. The animation does not include audio.

The upper portion of the animation shows a 3-D model of the airplane and the airplane’s motions during the accident sequence. In this area, selected content from the CVR transcript or other annotations are superimposed as text at the time that the event occurred. All times (in eastern standard time) are shown on the right side of the screen.

The lower portion of the animation depicts instruments and indicators, which display selected FDR or calculated parameters. The instruments and indications are shown in three sections, which are (from left to right):

Airspeed, airspeed tape, low speed cue, attitude indicator showing pitch and roll attitude, altitude, altitude tape, rate of climb, and heading;

Stick shaker and stick pusher indicated as text, control wheel/column icon depicting the control wheel (rotating right or left) and control column (moving up or down) inputs, and an indicator showing rudder pedal inputs; and

The power lever and condition lever as indicators, the flap handle selection as an indicator, and auto pilot status and gearhandle position indicated as text.

Excerpts from CVR transcript:

22:15:06.3       HOT-1    flaps five.

22:15:08.1       HOT-2    what?

22:15:08.8       HOT-1    flaps five please.

22:15:13.5       APP        Colgan thirty four zero seven three miles from KLUMP turn left heading two six zero maintain two thousand three hundred

                                       until established localizer. cleared ILS approach runway two three.

22:15:22.2       RDO-2   left two sixty two thousand three hundred ‘til established and cleared ILS two three approach Colgan thirty four zero seven.

22:15:31.7       HOT-1    alright approach is armed.

22:15:32.8       HOT-2    roger.

22:16:04.1       HOT-1    gear down…loc’s alive.

22:16:06.4       APP        Colgan thirty four zero seven contact tower one two zero point five. have a good night.

22:16:11.5       RDO-2   over to tower you do the same thirty four zero seven.

22:16:21.2       HOT-2    gear’s down.

22:16:23.5       HOT-1    flaps fifteen before landing checklist.

22:16:26.6       HOT-2    uhhh.

22:16:37.1       HOT-2    I put the flaps up.

22:16:42.2       HOT-1    [grunt]

22:16:45.8       HOT-2    should the gear up?

22:16:46.8       HOT-1    gear up.

22:16:50.1       CAM       [increase in ambient noise]

22:16:51.9       CAM       [thump]



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This video podcast series is produced by the Aerospace Network and covers a range of topics pertinent to air traffic control students. Each episode provides in-depth coverage of a particular instructional topic, using examples from the Academy airspace. Watch examples in action, thanks to University of North Dakota's state-of-the-art radar and control tower simulators.

These videos, presented by the Student Air Traffic Controller Association - University of North Dakota, deal with varied topics: runway incursion, safety alerts, etc.



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  1. From http://www.ntsb.gov/Events/2010/Clarence-Center-NY/AnimationDescription.htm

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