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Air shows and other events

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Brazilian Adilson Kindlemann reflects on his accident

at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2010 in Perth and meets the rescuers who helped save his life.


Redbull racers collide in midair



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Fighter jet crash at Polish air show


Pilots killed in fighter jet crash at Polish air show



WARSAW (AP) — A Belarusian fighter jet crashed Sunday during an air show in central Poland, killing both pilots, officials said.


The two-seat Su-27 jet was performing maneuvers at the festival inRadom, 65 miles south of Warsaw, when it went down.


Two Belarusian pilots on board were killed in the crash, the air show's organizers said in a statement. Experts were investigating the cause of the accident.


The Su-27 was not near the tarmac or crowds attending the air show when it crashed.

Footage broadcast on state television showed the plane turning in the air, then dropping behind trees. A cloud of black smoke then appeared on the horizon.


The jet was one of two Belarusian planes taking part in the show, said Andrzej Sikorski, a spokesman for Poland's Air Force. The other aircraft was a transport plane.


Copyright 2009 The Associated Press.



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Red Bull

Great if you want to train listening for numbers with a British accent.



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Habsheim Crash


In the first crash of a new 'Fly-By-Wire' aircraft, the Airbus A320-100 impacted trees while performing a fly-by at an airshow and burst into flames. The crew, and Air France maintenance officials, have all been sentenced to probation for manslaughter; the Captain has been imprisoned. Evidence, including photographs, has now been exposed that an Airbus official at the scene switched the Digital Flight Data Recorder before the court hearing.

Since May 1998, it is proven that the Flight Data Recorder was switched after the accident. The Lausanne Institute of Police Forensic Evidence and Criminology (IPSC) comes to the conclusion that the recorder presented to the Court is NOT the one taken from the aircraft after the accident.

Read more

Pardon my French !


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Oshkosh 2010


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Loss of separation with skydivers

Incident: Golden Air AT72 near Stockholm on Aug 21th 2010, loss of separation with skydivers

By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Sep 2nd 2010 16:31Z, last updated Thursday, Sep 2nd 2010 16:31ZA Golden Air Flyg AB Aerospatiale ATR-72-500 on behalf of Avitrans Nordic AB, flight 2Q-928 from Visby to Stockholm Bromma (Sweden) with 33 passengers and 4 crew, was on approach to Stockholm's Bromma Airport at 2500 feet about 5nm eastsoutheast of the airport on a westbound heading when a group of 7 skydivers with open parachutes heading for an airshow on Stockholm's Gardet field came down about 300 meters (0.16nm) northwest of the airplane's position. No avoidance maneouver took place, the airplane continued for a safe landing at Bromma Airport, the skydivers reached ground safely, too.

Sweden's Havarikommission reported, that required separation (3nm lateral or 1000 feet vertical) was violated, an investigation has been opened. The skydivers, none of whom carried a transponder, reported in interviews that no danger of a collision existed. No escape maneouver was performed.

The source of this article is here.


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Are air shows dying?


Air shows have been slowly fading for the past few decades, mirroring the overall decline in general aviation. The recession that began in 2008 has only accelerated the trend, as sponsorship budgets shrank and the number of paying visitors declined. Anyone who attended the Reading Air Show at its peak or Oshkosh when the Concorde visited can probably offer plenty of examples of how things have changed.

Blue Angels

No Blue Angels, no air show?

This year, the federal government has dealt the final blow, thanks to the budget sequestration. First, military aircraft appearances were slashed, with the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds grounded indefinitely. This significantly reduced the attraction for the general public, and led many air shows to simply cancel their 2013 events. By most counts, over 80 air shows have been cancelled this year. Many of those probably won’t come back.

The second blow is the FAA’s new demand for vast payments in order to receive special Air Traffic Control resources. The most visible stick-up jobs have been Sun ‘n Fun (nearly $300,000) and EAA Airventure Oshkosh (over $450,000). While larger air shows have complained and paid, smaller shows have no chance of paying these fees.

Not everyone is convinced the air show industry is dying. Some see the inevitable consolidation of an industry that was overextended and kept alive on government largesse. By focusing on a few major shows, the air show industry might actually become stronger and more sustainable. In any case, Oshkosh has never relied on the Blue Angels for a big show.


Follow the debate on Air Facts Journal


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Battle of England Airshow

Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow

Programme CoverWhen airshow dates are announced, there are always some that just leap out at you as "must attend" events and a celebration of the Battle of Britain at Duxford has to be one of those. It is true that Duxford's other 2010 shows, the May Air Display and Flying Legends had strong "Battle of Britain" themes, but the September "Battle of Britain Airshow" was the main celebration of the achievements of the RAF in 1940.

As it turned out, the event really was one to remember with perhaps the best flying display held at Duxford for many years and enjoyed record crowds and a superb mix of flying, historic and modern. If you missed this show, you really have missed out in 2010.


Watch and read more here.


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Some Pictures

Different events



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On the beach


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