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Pictures 6

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Part 4 – Picture Description and Discussion

In this part, you will tell me what you can see in this picture and what you think is happening in it. After that, I will ask you some questions. Look at the picture carefully. You may take a few moments to think before you start talking.


Please describe this picture to me. If necessary: - What do you think was happening when this picture was taken? / What’s happening?


Choose one:

- What do you think happened before this picture was taken?; or

- What do you think these people were doing before this picture was taken?

- What do you think was happening before this picture was taken?

- Can you create a short story based on this picture? Use your imagination.


Imagine that this picture has just been taken:

- What do you think will happen next?


When describing a picture, pretend you are the eyes of your listener and apply the strategies suited to report an incident, an accident or a routine situation to an ATC who can’t see it. Be as quick, precise and detailed as possible. Avoid simplistic sentences and use aviation vocabulary.

Picture Description Process (suggestion)

1) Describe the picture in one sentence, give only the most important information at this stage. Example: This is the picture of ... a runway excursion / a belly landing / a ditching / a fuel dumping / a birdstrike…

2) Describe the details in the picture.

2a) Start with the most relevant details and then the less important ones. This is a good opportunity to use lots of vocabulary and show the examiner what you know.

-       the aircraft: airplane/helicopter, make (Boeing/Airbus….), passenger/cargo, wings, tail, engine(s), livery, operator

-       position: flying (phase of flight) / on the ground (ramp/taxiway/runway/soft ground)

-       damage: bogged down - cut - flat - scratched - broken - damaged - frozen - smoking - broken down - defective - inoperative (inop) - seeping - burst - deflated - jammed - leaking - spilled - collapsed - dented - lost - stuck - missing - twisted - contaminated - faulty – overflowing - unserviceable (U/S) - cracked - shattered - on fire - overheated – worn….  (Add adverbs when possible: how badly dented? very / quite / rather / slightly / hardly / severely / a little dented…)

-       people: who, where, doing what, how, why

-       foreground and background: buildings, infrastructure, woods…. (if relevant for the situation)

-       weather: overcast, broken, windy, foggy, hazy, heavy/light rain, drizzle, hail, snow….

-       runway/taxiway condition: slippery, contaminated, bumpy, slush….

2b) You can also describe the picture from the center and move around: In the center…, at the top/the bottom…, in the upper/lower right/left corner…, on the right/left…, behind/in front…, below/above…, between…

3) Make deductions about what you can't see in the picture, about what happened before the picture was taken and what will happen next. Often this relates to part 2, when you describe details you can make deductions at the same time. Use the language of speculation (this could/ might be … - it may have been caused…. – It seems as if….)

4) Relate to your personal experience and knowledge. How would you deal with the situation? What procedure should be followed? What threats does it represent?


You can review vocabulary and listen to examples of picture descriptions on this Russian site: Fluent Pilot





Tire burst

Read about it on Leesville Daily Leader; it helps build vocabulary ;)


Read about this one on the Aviation Herald




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Over runway

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Over taxiway * 

Eagles vs Drones

Drones and Helicopters

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Cracked windshield *

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Compressor stall?? *

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Nose gear sideways

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Nose gear collapse *


Read about it on the Aviation Herald


Crosswind *

Volcanic Ash *



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Runway incursion?

Vehicle *

Airplane *


Wildlife on Runway



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On high wings


Runway excursion

In the fields

Veered off *

In the water




American *

On runway *

Speedbird *

Korean Air *



Deployed inadvertently *



Bogged down

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Foggy night *


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Ground collision



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Belly landing

With nose gear *

No gear at all

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Dangerous Goods *


Cabin fire


Cockpit fire


Smoke in cockpit

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Malaysia *

Singapore *


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Bounced landing *



Pilot Incapacitation


Simulator training


Airbus *




Wake turbulence




VIP Flights





United *

Bombardier *






The big one





Icing and Snow


In flight

On runway

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Fuel dump




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Navigation System

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